Tip to fix macOS Sierra Screen Resolution problem on VirtualBox


In the previous tutorial, we shared How to get macOS Sierra 10.12 running on VirtualBox in both Windows and Mac OS X. Today,we instruct you how to fix macOS Sierra resolution problem on VirtualBox.

  1. Firstly, you should find out the current screen resolution (Default Resolution of macOS Sierra Installed on VirtualBox)

  2. Download macOS Sierra Screen Resolution VBox Code here

  3. Edit the code: Change all “VM Name” to your macOS Sierra Virtual machine name

  4. You now can choose the screen monitor resolution from the list (see on the following image attached). To select the suitable one, you just simple replace N by the number of the resolution size.

  5. Press Windows button + X then click on Command Prompt (Admin) to run Run CMD as Admin

  6. Now, from the Command Prompt window, you have to change the directory command to yours. Just copy & paste the command to Command Prompt, then hit Enter.

  7. This step is so important. It’s time to Copy & paste the fix screen resolution code to Command Prompt (CMD) then hit Enter key.

Done. We now can start the macOS Sierra virtual machine to see the result.