Speed up MacOS via Terminal Command command lines


if you are running the new OS X (El Capitan or even MacOS Sierra on an older Macbook or iMac, your mac definitely gets slow. In this share we will highlight tips that can speed up your Mac using just some basic terminal commands.

Faster dock

The following command line really helps to make your dock appear and disappear instantly on your Mac.

defaults write com.apple.dock autohide-time-modifier –int 0; killall Dock

How to reverse the change?

default delete –g NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled

Mission Control

That disable animation for mission control will speed up your Mac effectively.

defaults write com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration – float 0

How to reverse the change?

defaults write com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration – float 1

Creating New Windows

It’s true that there are applications, which zoom in from the center of the screen when trying to create new windows, cause some old Macs to run slow. This animation therefore also seems quite unnecessary. Use the following command line to turn it off via Terminal.

defaults write –g NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled –bool NO

How to reverse the change?

defaults write –g NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled –bool YES


I used these commands in older versions of macOS, but with Sierra it doesn’t work. Any idea why not?
Error: "Unexpected argument float; leaving defaults unchanged."
Going back to the standard speed for animations is killing me.


The following topic must be helpful to speed up the new MacOS Sierra: http://macossierra-slow.com/speed-up-macos-sierra/