MacOS Sierra and NTFS support?


Apple has just released officially MacOS X 10.12 called Sierra. I just wonder if there are any ways to enable NTFS support under MacOS Sierra? I now can not write to my NTFS flash drives (Whatever USB or External HDD). It’s likely the only thing I can do is reading the content.


Writing to NTFS drives is still hidden from this new Mac OS X 10.12. That support writing to NTFS file system without data loss leads to a massive expense to the Mac OS development and test teams.
For a free solution, I am not sure it works on MacOS Sierra, but you can take hours trying to install NTFS-3G, a software project designed to bring NTFS read/write support to the Mac platform, along with additional advanced features. Anyway, NTFS-3G is not supported officially by any persons or companies, you should not try without of sufficient knowledge of Linux system.
Otherwise, using a professional NTFS Driver such as Paragon NTFS 14 or Tuxera NTFS seems to make it simple, effective and safe.


I have been with Paragon NTFS 14 since Mac OS X Mavericks. They definitely will release new compatible version soon enough.


I have been with Paragon NTFS since El Capitan. This professional NTFS driver for Mac provides users with Full read/write access to NTFS partitions for Unprecedented high NTFS performance and Verify, repair and format options under MacOS sierra.
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In my case, I decided to use Paragon NTFS for Mac after hours installing NTFS-3G without any positive movements. It seems to work perfectly with my iMac 2016 running MacOS Sierra.


Tuxera NTFS is awful. And it was, between Sierra and Win7 drives, until a problem developed. Some files that I had copied from HFS+ to an NTFS disk were intermittently visible. They showed as zero length to many apps, though from terminal I could sometimes see they were not. This was not a simple permissions issue, something was very wrong, and let’s remember how different the two file systems are. I carefully documented (I’m a long time Unix and NT developer) and contacted Tuxera support. They sent me simple Tier 1 canned answers, then they became sarcastic, and then they stopped communicating. This was a serious data loss situation and they didn’t step up to the problem. I uninstalled Tuxera and switched to Paragon, which has been fine, though I don’t yet have enough experience with it to really trust it.