Mac Microsoft Office 2016 v15.13.3 Portable [Volume Licensed] - Download



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Publish date : 01/09/2015
Mac Version : 15.13.3 [Volume Licensed]
Mac System Requirements :
• CPU: Intel processor
• Mac OS X version 10.10 and 10.11
• Recommended 2 GB of RAM
• 7 GB of free hard disk space for installing
• Hard disk formatting such as HFS + (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus)
• Screen resolution: 1280x800 or higher
Language : English and 15 others

Step 1: Download Mac Microsoft Office 2016 v15.13.3 Portable [Volume Licensed] from here: Direct download link - 100% safe guarantee!

Step 2: Installing
You should remove completely all existing Microsoft Office versions from your your Mac first before starting installation.

Installing password: osxvn


This must work since I have tested already.

However, I still keep using Mac Office 2011 sine it is so much more familiar to me. You can see how to download and crack Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac here in our another share.

New update on March 2016: We have just uploaded the latest latest Mac Office 15.19.1 Full version with Patch file. Please support us by going to Paragon Software coupon topic, scrolling down to download the app at the nearly end of the suggested article. The file is tested for safety and working. Thank you,

Microsoft Office will no longer work without a key to open it

You are rocks :soccer:


Thanks a lot for sharing, works like a charm :smile: Can I turn on the automatic updates? Can I upgrade to the latest version?


You can upgrade when the newer versions are available :slight_smile:


Awesome :beer: thank you



Great contribution!!

Just have some questions

  1. would it work properly if i update it ? (or i will have licence problem)
  2. if i delete the microsoft from MAU folder, will it work properly ? will i be able to update office?

Because when i tried to edit a document the update window prompted suddenly even though i had turned auto updated off.
thanks for your help


Can someone help me out I downloaded from the direct link above and follow the instruction and when I got to the terminal and had to drag and drop MSO15.11.2Patch into the terminal and hit enter it ask for a password did anyone else have this trouble?


That is your administrator password.



Guys, this one for ELCapitan or Yasmin ??
it was work with the old update but no he ask me for activation ?? 10.11.1


it works pretty well with el capitan!

i am not sure about the potential updates


hello all!

I use office v 15.13.3 and quite frequently crashes when i use a big document or multiple documents. Is there any update or something that i can do in order to avoid this malfunction?


You better wait for the new El Capitan update package released. This version works so well in Yosemite 10.10. However, we will update the newer Office 2016 Full versions once they are available,


Thanks a lot for sharing !

I had Office 2011 for Mac and I completely removed it before to install this one. Everything works fine except I have a problem with the search function in Outlook… I tried many searches with different words and the result is still the same “No results”.

It seems that there is no index of the emails (previous and new)
And it seems I have the same problem on “Spotlight” no email seems to be indexed.

I tried this solution

That’s typically a Spotlight issue.
You should add ~/Library/Group
Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/Outlook 15 Profiles/Main Profile
to the Privacy list in the Spotlight System Preferences. Quit the
Preferences and wait a minute or so, then remove it from the list.
That should force reindex the folder (which might take a good
overnight) and hopefully correct the issue.

But it doesn’t work :frowning:

Is anybody have an idea ? It’s very difficult to work without the search option.
Thanks a lot for your help.


I 've updated to version office 2016 (Version 15.17) , but I have a problem with activation . how to resolve the issue ( patch )


I probably have not tested the software in full functions yet, but the updates work well.


totally work!!! and now I am waiting for the updating!!!
I wish I could learn some tech skills from you!!!
How do you do this !!!


is this only for portable or works for iMac


Hello all the Staff !