How to Stop Photos from Opening when I get my iPhone connected to My Mac?


Whenever I connect my iPhone or iPad into my Mac, the Photos in the iTunes will be opened up automatically. This can be quite annoying and unnecessary. How to stop this?


You can fix and stop photos from opening with a few changes right in your Mac OS X by the following 2 steps:

Step 1: Once the Mac opens the photos when you connect your device to it, just go to the “Import” tab on the top.
Connect your iPhone or iPad using the cable to your computer. When your computer automatically launches the Photos for the connected device, go to the tab called “Import” on the top, then uncheck on “Open Photos for this Device” option.

Step 2: This step is just a backup solution of step 1 does not work. Just enter the following command line into Terminal (Found in Applications Folder)

defaults -currentHost write -bool true