How to manage password Saved in Safari on iPhone/iPad


This article will make you master to Add, Remove, View Saved Passwords in Safari on iPhone/iPad.

How to record and add a new passwords in Safari on iPhone/iPad

  1. From Settings screen, scroll down to Safari

  2. Scroll down, tap on Passwords, you then will be asked to authenticate with TouchID

  1. Tab on Add Password

  2. Fill the Website URL** with associated Username and Password. Tap on Done from the top right-hand corner to confirm.

How to View, Edit, or Remove Passwords saved in Safari on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Safari App

  2. Settings → Safari → Passwords. (You will be asked to authenticate with TouchID.)

  3. You then will be able to access any items of the list of added websites. Just tap the targeted one.

  4. It could be so visible to view, edit or even remove the saved login information now. See the following attached images.