How to get macOS Sierra 10.12 running on VirtualBox in both Windows and Mac OS X


Unlike VMware, Virtual box is Free. In this topic, we will show you how to install completely the new macOS Sierra 10.12 on a virtual box machine.


Download and install VirtualBox
Download VirtualBox Code
Download macOS Sierra (1 Part)
Download mac OS Sierra (7 Parts)

After downloading, you must Extract macOS Sierra Image File.

Create New Virtual Machine to install macOS Sierra

  • Click on New —> Fill the Machine name —> hit the Next button.

  • Choose at least 4 GB of RAM for the new virtual machine, then click on Next.

  • Make sure “Use an existing virtual hard disk file” is checked, then click on Create button

Modify the New Virtual Machine

  • Settings --> General tab --> put everything to the default

  • System --> Motherboard --> uncheck Floppy --> Set the chipset to ICH9

  • Choose 2 or more than 2 core processors

  • Now move to Display option, set the video memory to 128 MB

  • In Network tab, check on Enable Network Adapter option, then select “Intel PRO/1000 MT Server (82545EM)” under Adapter type.

Add VirtualBox Code to the CMD

Before adding the VirtualBox Code to the CMD, we need to modify the code first. Just replace the Virtual Machine Name by the name you set like the following image.

Play the Virtual Machine to start running macOS Sierra on VirtualBox

Done! The macOS Sierra has been installed and being ready to run on VirtualBox inside Windows or Mac OS X.

NOTE: If the macOS Sierra Screen Resolution does not fit the VirtualBox, you may want to take a look on this topic to fix.

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Tip to fix macOS Sierra Screen Resolution problem on VirtualBox