Download Yosemite VMware image - run Mac OS X Yosemite on Windows PC immediately


Same as Zlepper, followed all steps, stuck at the middle, help please?


You need to use Unlocker 208 if you use VMWare Player/Workstation V12


can i upgrade it to el capitan?


Never mind, El Capitan works flawlessly! Thanks a lot for your tutorial!


I’d just like to ask how long is the installation process because at the moment it’s stuck in the middle. I’m on step 6 on this process.Half booting is done from last 4 hours. Please reply me .I think this vm ware image not work.Please reply me anyone.

Thank you


It works, if you download new Unlocker Tool for VMWare11/12:

Just extract to VMWare MacOS image folder and run the command with admin (run as admin). Then you can choose Max OS in VMWAre. All infos are here, too:


How to solve it ???


Turn on virtualization option on bios setup in your computer or laptop


Thanks a lot …
It works …


Hi Digger i have an issue with the screen resolution, can’t find a way to change it to other than 1024X768
any help will be greatly appreciated!


Someone know how to fix it? “The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system. Power off or reset the virtual machine.”
<img src"/uploads/default/original/1X/f9ecf223db5b05305bf431bf3f09d7f958c7a7f1.png" width=“365” height=“138”>


Guys its really Really Slow … i think its stuck on the loading … Not working


@Dale_Robins comment helped me here link

You need to use Unlocker 208 if you use VMWare Player/Workstation V12


me too!


Do i need to disable Intel Virtualization Technology?


Can the usual vmdk shrinking techniques be used on a virtual disk with mac file system?


i get attempt to start up unsuccesfull on (EFI VMware virtual sata hard drive (0.0) and sata cd rom drive


is it posible to use the usb mouse and my keyboard from my notebook?

Now i have two mouses and two keyboards…!

Yosemite on Windows 10 Laptop with VMware 10



there is no vm file when you click on the link. only a txt file ???


Thanks a lot.
I’ll never forget your contribution.