Can DiskWarrior Help in Repairing the Corrupt External Drive? Is there alternative or free program available?


Hello Apple Experts,

My external hard drive 2 TB used to run as a Time Machine disk isn’t mounting on the Mac. I ran Disk utility and it throws me an error and suggest to backup the disk as soon as possible. I Googled about the problem and came to know about Diskwarrior program. I read it and it seems it will be helpful in repairing the tool but I didn’t found any “free download” option to evaluate the tool before purchasing it. I mean, how should I know if the program will help me fix the troubles that my external device is going through. What if it doesn’t fix the problem after I purchase it.

Moreover, the program itself is costly How should I get a free disk repair tool or a tool that can repair my drive but isn’t too expensive. Is there any chance I can get a good discount purchasing the DW?


Hi David,

DiskWarrior is one of the most popular Mac hard drive repair tools that is helpful in repairing all types of Mac cryptic errors. Some of the most common Mac Errors which can be resolved using the help of DiskWarrior are:

  • Invalid node structure
  • Invalid volume header
  • Invalid volume footer
  • Incorrect bad blocks

And many other …

However, if you are not happy with DiskWarrior due to its cost, performance, etc. and want to use DiskWarrior alternatives, then you can try Mac Volume Repair Software. It cost you $49 and fixes all the Mac hard drive errors through a bootable USB.

I hope, the answer will help you in resolving your query.